Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Barbara Farris created BZZZZ BUSTED

Barbara Farris is a woman who has dedicated her life to protecting children from being violated by pedophiles and predators. Barbara Farris was victimized by her step-father.  As he preached the gospel under his big white tent, she and her brother became victims of his abuse, acting out with what Farris now calls the "ripple effect of sexual abuse".

Barbara now faces a war against her own family for speaking out against a rape against her mother by an uncle and her molestation by another uncle.

Barbara was arrested on a falsified warrant that was dismissed by the District Attorney of Coffee County in Alabama, yet the judge who has association with Farris's family decided to pursue this warrant and have her arrested solely to discredit Ms. Farris.

Barbara still stands strong with her organization after having to fight time and time again to keep her cause alive.  It's unheard of to be arrested in another state for a misdemeanor crime then actually extradited for that misdemeanor by a sheriff and jailer, and held eight days without bond.

This blog is about what Barbara and her team stand for, protecting innocent children from sexual predators and abuse; and standing by victims of abuse to try to bring them some sense of justice for the crimes committed against them.

From this point forward, Barbara will not defend any further false allegations against her as an attempt to discredit her and prevent her from accomplishing her mission: To STOP predators and pedophiles from stealing the innocence from and destroying the lives of our children; nor will she keep the abuse in her family a secret any longer.

Just Bee Aware is NOT about Barbara Farris, it is a program that she created to help educate and defend against sexual abuse.  Just Bee Aware is the first program of it's kind.

The reality show is about Barbara now, no longer living as a victim, but as a survivor.  She hopes to help others speak out against the abuse they may have suffered.  Barbara has not only lived with the shame of abuse but also the shame she feels from a lifestyle lived as a result of her abuse.
That is the reason behind why she created her team and this show.

Just Bee Aware was developed to help prevent another child from experiencing the devastating self destruction created by sexual abuse: substance/alcohol abuse, abusive relationships, suicide, eating disorders, depressive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, prostitution; and so much more is created due to the sense of shame and guilt a child carries with them throughout their lives, due to the abusive they have suffered.

The staggering statistics of sexual abuse would not be as high as it is today if we could stop sexual abuse, and predators from their abusive acts an effective way. Some criminals live a life of crime that, perhaps if they had never been sexually abused, they would not be living.  Abuse falls into 94% of the crime rate, which is primarily from assault, sexual, and mental abuse.  It's a proven fact that sexual abuse has a tremendous impact on our crime rate today.

We wish to make it very clear that Farris is not requesting sympathy from her abuse nor has she asked anyone for anything except to stand behind the fight against predators and pedophiles. It's time to focus on her cause and not her individually.

Barbara Farris has never denied her past, and to this day she stands behind protecting and saving the children across America.